December 2013

The Mediterranean Experience of EcoTourism - MEET Network takes off

The "Mediterranean Experience of Ecotourism - MEET" project, funded by the European Neighborhood Policy Instrument (ENPI CBC MED), aims to develop a new approach for Eco-tourism planning in Protected Areas of the Mediterranean. A network has been established to improve cooperation and support for protected areas in employing and promoting Eco-tourism as a tool for conservation and sustainable development.

The IUCN Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation (IUCN-Med) will take the role of the Secretary of the MEET Network and the elected Constituent Executive Council represents five institutions: MedPAN, IUCN-Med, Federparchi, the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN) and Al-Shouf Cedar Society.

The mission of the MEET Network is to improve the cooperation between Mediterranean Protected Areas working in Eco-tourism, advocate for the sustainable management of Eco-tourism activities and help them in promoting Eco-tourism, including collaborations with the private sector, as a tool for conservation and sustainable development.

In its initial phase, the network will be grown to involve 20 Protected Areas in the Mediterranean area to work on the Pilot Actions of the MEET project, as well as entities interested in the management and promotion of ecotourism activities in the Mediterranean area. By the end of the project, the MEET Network will be enlarged to other Protected Areas and interested entities.

The Mediterranean Experience of Ecotourism (MEET) project currently involves 10 countries of the Mediterranean: Italy, France, Spain, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Malta, Cyprus, Greece and Tunisia.


For further info: Carla Danelutti


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