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December 2012


Special Feature

Envisioning the future: Integrated coastal zone management (ICZM) workshops for the Mediterranean region

The PEGASO project (funded under the EU´s Seventh Framework Programme) organized a regional workshop in Arles (Tour du Valat, France) from 13 to 15 November 2012 to explore future visions for the coastal zones of the Mediterranean based on integrated assessment tools. Experts, decision makers, planners and ICZM practitioners, as well as members of PEGASO and of the End-Users´ Committee who work on (...) 

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PEGASO is funded by the European Union within FP7- ENV.2009. Integrated Coastal Zone Management. Contract no. 244170
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2nd Virtual Conference (VIC02)

The Second PEGASO Virtual Conference took place from 8 to 19 October to examine possible approaches, select a set of common indicators for evaluating Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM), analyse the regional Mediterranean and Black Sea Assessments and explore the links between indicators and spatial data infrastructure (SDI).

After fruitful discussions, the methodology and the preliminary set of indicators proposed were accepted by all partners. Methodological factsheets for the calculation of individual indicators and their future use by PEGASO partners and end-users will provide a harmonized method for assessing the ICZM Protocol in the future.

More info: f.santoro@unesco.org

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Capacity building on SDI

The PEGASO SDI (Spatial Data Infrastructure) makes it possible to apply new spatial technologies and spatial information to discover, visualize, and evaluate related coastal information. It plays an important role in establishing an effective system of participation and governance, thereby supporting the PEGASO Shared Governance Platform and its outcomes.

More info: simon.claus@vliz.be

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Preliminary summary of report findings focused on the Mediterranean

During the meeting of the Priority Action Programme/Regional Activity Centre (PAP/RAC) National Focal Points, the results of the PEGASO ICZM stock-take for the Mediterranean were presented in draft form, including the background, scope and results. The stock-take results reviewed the formal management structure and institutional arrangements in the coastal zones of each country and the degree of ICZM implementation at different levels.
The findings offer a wealth of data and information on the current state of ICZM in the Mediterranean and the implementation of the ICZM Protocol.

More info: zeljka.skaricic@ppa.t-com.hr

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Bridging policy makers and science

Several initiatives by the participating organizations were aimed at reaching out to communicate the project´s activities, achievements and results.

The inception meeting of SPINCAM II (Southeast Pacific Data and Information Network in Support to Integrated Coastal Area Management) held in Santiago de Chile on 5-6 November was an opportunity to present the PEGASO project.

More info: ann-katrien.lescrauwaet@vliz.be

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PEGASO at the Mediterranean Coast Day Week

This year the Mediterranean Coast Day Week was celebrated in Split (Croatia) from 24 to 26 September. It was organized by Priority Acton Programme/Regional Activity Centre in collaboration with the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) ‘Coast‘ programme within the SHAPE project (co-funded by the EU´s IPA Adriatic Cross-border Cooperation Programme). During the celebrations, a technical meeting took place with PAP/RAC and nine National Focal Points (NFP), at which representatives of PEGASO and SHAPE informed participants about the progress made by these two projects. A joint meeting of the PEGASO, SHAPEMAREMED (MAritime REgions cooperation for the MEDiterranean) and PERSEUS (EU Seventh Framework Programme) projects was also organized to share results relating to the implementation of the ICZM Protocol.

More info: marko.prem@ppa.t-com.hr

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Incorporating marine spatial planning into the management of Mediterranean MPA

For the first time, about 300 key players from 21 Mediterranean countries-representatives of national agencies for the environment, fisheries, tourism and the economy, marine protected area managers, scientists, non-governmental organizations, regional and international partners, and local economic actors-gathered at the 2012 Forum of Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean to share their experiences and develop a joint programme of work to advance the network of marine protected areas in the region.

More info: pcanals@tinet.org

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• Third Pegaso General Meeting will take place in Rabat during the week 18th to 22nd of March 2013.

• International Conference on Marine Data and Information Systems, 23 - 25 September 2013, Lucca (Italy)

The International Conference on Marine Data and Information Systems of 2013 (IMDIS 2013) aims at providing an overview of the existing information on marine environmental data, and showing the progresses on development of efficient infrastructures for managing large and diverse data sets. It will be held from 23 to 25 September in Lucca (Italy).
Deadline for submission of papers and posters is 30 April 2013.

• MEDCOAST 2013, 30 October - 3 November 2013, Marmaris, Turkey

The Tenth International Conference on Environmental Management of Enclosed Coastal Seas (EMECS 10) & The Eleventh International Conference on the Mediterranean Coastal Environment (MEDCOAST 2013) are scheduled to take place as a joint conference during 30 Oct- 03 Nov 2013 at the town of Marmaris, Turkey. The special event will be a world congress dealing with coastal and marine sciences, engineering, development, policy, governance and management. Prominent professional, international and national organisations will be invited for leading special sessions or for collaborating in the organisation of the event in other ways. An international exhibit of coastal and marine products, services and programs will be held in parallel to the joint conference. The call for abstracts has been circulated in July 2012.

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